Giant Airsoft Game™ Rules

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

The Giant Airsoft Game™ has a refined core set of rules pertaining to sportsmanship and safety that we will follow rigorously. All players are required to know the Giant Airsoft Games Rule set concerning safety, calling hits, sportsmanship, and Blind Man rules, unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and Giant Airsoft Game facilitators reserve the right to eject any player as they see fit. Absolutely no refunds will be given. Airsoft doesn’t work without integrity: Be respectful of others, be honorable and call your hits, and if you see something, say something.

General Safety

  1. Players must observe common-sense safety in regards to their surroundings. This includes the natural and man-made terrain of the airsoft field and your generals conduct at the facility.
  2. Safety and sportsmanship are enforced through a "3-strike" system. Each violation of the rules below result in strikes against the player. Three (3) strikes and you will be asked to leave the game. No refund.
  3. Games ID cards will be marked or punched for each violation.
  4. See Penalty Punches for a list of some infractions that will get your card punched.

Goggle Safety

  1. While on the field and chrono range - Eye protection must be on at all times.
  2. Eye Protection: All players must wear approved eye protection with a tight seal around the face and a retention strap with no gaps.
    • Approved eye protection:
      • ANZI rated lenses
      • Full seal
      • Incudes a retention strap
  3. No mesh eye protection is allowed.
  4. Malfunctions happen. Return to the staging area immediately if your eye protection needs attention.
  5. Players found without proper, approved eye protection will be ejected from the game. No excuses.
  6. Full face protection: Players 17 years old and under must only wear a paintball mask system (Full face and ear protection) This is an insurance company requirement. Players 18 and older are encouraged to wear full face protection but it is not required. Hard solid full mask or a hard or mesh lower face shield in combination with full seal goggles is acceptable. Fabric items such as shemaghs, balaclavas and bandanas are not acceptable lower face protection for players 17 and under.
  7. See image below.

Airsoft Gun Safety

  1. Airsoft devices must be built for the game of airsoft and only shoot biodegradable airsoft bb’s.
  2. Airsoft Guns will have a barrel blocker on, mags out and airlines disconnected any time they are not in either the active play area OR the Chronograph area.
  3. Barrel blocking devices must be a bright color and constructed so that they will stop a fired BB. No black, camouflage or other hard-to-see colors are permitted.
  4. Airsoft guns will be chronographed according to the field's chrono policy.
  5. Guns may be re-chronographed periodically during the day at the discretion of staff.
  6. No tools that can be used to adjust velocity are allowed in the Playing Area. This includes, but is not limited to: Allen wrenches, pliers, open-ended wrenches and screwdrivers.
  7. Players are responsible for the safe operation of their airsoft gun.
  8. Players may not "blindfire" i.e. shoot their gun without being able to see the impact of their fire and/or the muzzle of their gun. Mirror style corner shot devices are NOT allowed.
  9. Players control their own rate of fire. "Overshooting" is considered more than 3 consecutive hits from a single gun on a player or shooting a player that is clearly out of play (dead rag on, hand up, calling hit).
  10. Compressed gasses (HPA) should be treated with the utmost respect. These are dangerous sources of stored energy and they must be handled with care.
  11. Compressed gas Cylinders must have a correct valid hydro date.
  12. All guns must have a chrono tag in order to enter the playing field. Two types of chrono tags: one for main guns and a second one for Sniper rifles.

Airsoft Gun Chronograph Regulations For Standard Guns.

  1. All full-auto guns must adhere to a 30 Rounds Per Second Rate of Fire cap.
  2. All non-sniper classed guns (AEG, HPA/GBBR & DMR) must chrono at 317FPS (less than 1.5 joules) using field provided .32g BB’s.
  3. Once chronoed, you will be given a zip tie and bead to mark your gun. All other zip ties must be removed before entering the chrono area.
  4. All non-sniper classed guns (AEG & HPA/GBBR) must chrono at 317FPS (less than 1.5 joules) using field provided .32g BB’s.
  5. See image below.

Sniper Rifle Specific Rules

  1. Sniper Rifles must be either Bolt-Action or Locked to semi-automatic only through means which cannot be changed on field and can be verified by a referee at any time upon their request.
  2. The Semi-automatic Sniper system must not be capable of shooting more than 1 round per second.
  3. All snipers must adhere to a 100 foot minimum engagement distance. To shoot within 100 feet a sniper must switch to a backup which falls into the standard chrono range.
  4. All Sniper Rifles must not shoot more than 394FPS using field provided .32g BB’s (SPRING AND HPA/GBBR).
  5. All sniper systems must be replicas of a real-life sniper system. This is to make them easily identifiable by staff and other players as sniper systems during play.

Misc. Basic Rules

  1. A waiver MUST be read and correctly filled out by everyone on the property.
  2. Bio bb's only!
  3. No climbing trees, moving bunkers, sandbags, or other structures.
  4. Players clothing may be any pattern or solid color as long as those colors don’t match the Ref Colors.
  5. No Red colored headwear (hats, helmets, bandannas,etc) as they can be confused with deadrags.
  6. Unsportsmanlike conduct, cheating, physical contact or other violations of the rules will not be tolerated and will result in a punch or multiple punches depending on severity.
  7. All Referees directions will be followed. Players are here to play; refs are here to ref. The rules are for the safety of everyone. Do not argue with the Referees. If you have a problem with one, get their name and talk to the Game master, Head Ref or Field Manager.
  8. Twin Cities Airsoft and Giant Airsoft Game reserves the right to eject and remove anyone from the game and property without refund for any reason.
  9. No shooting referees when avoidable. If a ref is blocking a fire lane, try to let them know before firing.
  10. No alcohol at least 8 hours before and none during the Giant Airsoft Game.
  11. No drug or medications which alters perception or mobility.
  12. No abusive or foul language.
  13. Any clothing, patch, flag, or other insignia that is determined by staff to be inappropriate is not allowed. You will be asked to remove said item and if you refuse to do so, will be removed from the game and/or property at the discretion of field management.
  14. Twin Cities Airsoft and CC military Surplus are the only allowed vendors at Giant Airsoft Game.
  15. Twin Cities Airsoft is not responsible for lost, stolen, damadge property.

Staging Areas

  1. Parking area is the Staging Area.
  2. Staging Area is out of play.
  3. When in the staging area, barrel blockers must be on, magazines must be out (including box magazines on LMGs) and Airlines must be disconnected.
  4. Please clean up after yourself, trash cans will be placed throughout the staging area.
  5. No shooting or dry firing allowed. Anyone caught will have their cards punched.

Play Area

  1. The play area boundary will be clearly identifiable.
  2. Boundaries will be marked by 4" Red Danger Tape.
  3. Boundaries should be as straight as possible, or follow the natural flow of the land.
  4. Any player breaking the plane of a field boundary is eliminated.
  5. Players may only shoot across a boundary if the bb is landing back in bounds.
  6. Only participating players, staff, and staff-approved personnel may be present in the Play Area.
  7. Personnel may not communicate across the Play Area boundary. i.e. Unless you are in active play, you may not communicate with another active player. This includes voice, radio or other forms of communication.


We have several different types of refs at Giant Airsoft Game™.
  1. Promoter Ref: duties include promoting and marketing the sporting event.
  2. Game Master duties include score keeping, keeping track of the official time and acting as an organizer. Main focus should be the smooth flow of gameplay.
  3. Head Referee - Responsible for organizing and coordinating the ref staff, officiates questions/disagreements regarding rules, arbitrator and moderator for player disagreements.
  4. Main Base Re:f duties are to receive orders from the team's general to call in airstrikes and characters, keeping track of gold earned, helping answer any questions on rules and calling game master for any clarification.
  5. The Safety Refs job duties are to ensure safe and honest play on the field.
  6. Chrono Refs job duties are to ensure all players' guns are shooting at the correct feet per second (fps), bb’s per second (bbps) according to the field chrono policy.
  7. Roaming Refs main duties is to roam the entire playing field, help out in areas where more refs are needed, be called on to help run special characters ie. helicopter ref.
  8. Tank Refs main duties are to ensure the tank and players around the tank are playing by the rules and operating safely, tank refs may not punch players for penalties but can punch law cards.
  9. Base Refs main duties include calling in the base status when asked by the game master, calling out hits on players from laws and airstrikes, keeping destroyed bases out play until an engineer rebuilds them, watching for safe and honest play.
  10. Player Refs: There are a number of experienced scenario players who serve as "Player Refs", our version of undercover cops. They are constantly watching for cheaters and unsafe players. They can also be helpful for answering questions if you cannot find a field referee. All Player Refs will have a card identifying them as such that will be issued by the field.

Entry Points

  1. Entry Points (EP) will be clearly marked. Players may only enter the play area at these locations.
  2. Entry Points may be on a play area boundary.
  3. Players may not fire within 50 feet of an Entry Point located on a field edge.

Dead Zones

  1. Dead Zones (insertion) will be clearly marked and should be located outside the play area or on a boundary edge.
  2. Players may not fire within 100 feet of a Dead Zone.
  3. Players entering a dead zone must have a barrel blocking device on their airsoft gun.
  4. Dead Zones that are on a boundary edge also serve as an Entry Point.

Scenario Player Information

  1. Players will be issued an identification card. This card will include the player's registration number, and 2 icons or blocks of some sort. (These are used for rule violation punches/marks.)
  2. The player ID card is the player's proof of payment for the event. Players must have their ID card on their person at all times when on the playing field.
  3. One armband of a designated color will identify team affiliation (RED or BLUE). Armbands are to be at least 2 inches wide and are worn on the left arm, between the elbow and shoulder. Armbands may not be obstructed by clothing or worn in any other location.
  4. Players caught not wearing their teams armband in the correct location or the wrong color can be issued a strike for not following game rules.
  5. Generals must wear team armbands on both arms.


  1. A player is eliminated when they receives a hit by a bb or within 15 feet of a approved granade (EG-67 & Thunder V).
  2. Hit counts on guns, goggles and anything else a players is carrying or wearing. (If you move, and it moves with you, you are out if it is hit by a BB).
  3. In a CLEAR case of "Friendly Fire" the shooter is automatically eliminated. The player shot can continue playing.
  4. Rubber Knife kills are done by sneaking up on an enemy player and lightly tapping them on the shoulder and telling them they are dead. Players who have been knife killed must SILENTLY walk back to their dead zone and can not call out hit or make any other noise to signify that they have died.

Blind Man

  1. A Blind Man is an emergency situation. It is used in the event of a player injury, loss of goggles due to play or any situation where a player or bystander’s health may be in danger.
  2. If a player yells "Blind Man! Blind Man! Blind Man" all players should immediately repeat the call, cease-fire, and stay in their positions. THIS IS FOR THE ENTIRE FIELD.
  3. Only the Head-referee or GM or Safety Ref can release a Blind Man.
  4. The Referee’s will assess the situation and release the Blind Man once the danger has passed. (The player is assisted off the field, goggles restored, etc.)
  5. The Referee will give a 3-second countdown and announce "Play on!" once the Blind Man is lifted.


TCA no longer has a Bang kill rule.


  1. A player who is eliminated raises his hands above his head and yells "Hit!" or "Out!" in a loud, clear voice.
  2. A player yelling "hit" or "out" is eliminated and becomes a ”dead” player.
  3. A player may not retract a "hit" call. Once "hit" is indicated, the player is eliminated.
  4. Eliminated players must raise their gun or hand above their shoulders and attach a red “dead” rag to their head. Players not carrying a gun will raise a hand above their shoulders.
  5. Eliminated players should exit the field by the nearest exit or return to base for respawn.
  6. Eliminated players may only repeat the words "hit" or “medic” (or variations thereof) or call for a referee's assistance.
  7. Eliminated players may not communicate with another player in any other way, including speech, radio use, hand signals, etc. An eliminated player may communicate with a referee at any time. DEAD PEOPLE DON’T TALK.
  8. Eliminated players who do not have a barrel-blocking device on their gun,do not have their gun or hands above their shoulders, and are not wearing a dead rag on their head are valid targets. KEEP YOUR GUN UP/DEAD RAG ON UNTIL YOU LEAVE THE FIELD.
  9. Any player breaking the plane of a field boundary is eliminated and must return to their main insertion point.
  10. Players may not “fake” being dead. If asked if you are dead or alive, you must answer truthfully.

Dead Rag

  1. Are a mandatory piece of equipment as they make eliminated players easily identifiable.
  2. Dead Rags are a mandatory piece of equipment to use as they make eliminated players easily identifiable.
  3. Dead Rags should be bright RED in color and large enough to cover the majority of a player’s head. About 12" by 12"

Main Insertion Areas (i.e. Spawn Points

  1. One for each team (Red and Blue).
  2. When a player is hit out, they can go to their teams Insertion Point to reenter play.
  3. Players entering the game from the staging area, killed by airstrikes, or that have gone out of bounds MUST respawn at their Main Insertion area.
  4. The Main Insertion Area will be near each team's Main Base, but is not the base itself.
  5. No firing upon players within 100ft of their main insertion point.

Radio Communication

  1. Players may communicate while in the Play Area using radios.
  2. Players will abide by all local and federal laws in regards to radio operation.
  3. Neutral or eliminated players and those outside the Play Area can’t talk with those inside the Play Area.
  4. Players may use an alternate "dead channel" frequency while outside the Play Area.
  5. Security of radio transmissions is the responsibility of the players using the radios.
  6. It is a violation of FCC law to jam or otherwise interfere with a radio transmission. If found jamming or purposely keying up to block the opponent's channels. Your equipment will be confiscated and you will be ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  7. Certain game channels are designated for staff and are off-limits for player use in any way.
  8. FRS/GMRS channel 1 will be the designated emergency channel, monitored by the staff. Channels 2-11 are designated for use by the Red team.Channels 12-21 are designated for use by the Blue team.


  1. We have a number of acres for camping the Friday & Saturday night before the "GIANT AIRSOFT GAME™".
  2. All people camping must register for the GIANT AIRSOFT GAME and sign a waiver. You will be issued a camping wristband and must have that on you at all times.
  3. No loud noise after 10:00 pm.
  4. Campfires will only be permitted in a fire ring and in designated areas.
  5. Only heat treated firewood may brought on to the TCA property.

Airsoft Grenades - EG-67 and Thunder V/B only.

  1. Giant Airsoft Game is only allowing EG-67, Thunder V, GBR. (No Tag-in or Bang 22 grenades allowed).
  2. People must be 18 years old or older to purchase EG-67 and they can only be use at the Giant Game and on the Giant Game course.

Portable Rocket Launchers (LAWS)

  1. Command must buy the right to use a LAW. $10,000 GAG monies each (every law must be purchased).
  2. LAWS must be atleast 16" in over all length (not including the stock).
  3. A LIVE TAG must be attached. Once bought each law is good for 8 shots, all laws will need to be repurchased After 8 shots, live tags will be marked after each rocket is launched.
  4. A company licensed to make them must manufacture all LAWS devices.
  5. LAWS fire 2" Nerf style Rockets or 2" tennis balls only. Due to the Shortage of nerf rockets we are allowing mini tennis balls with a hole or slit cut into them.They cannot shoot bb’s or anything else.
  6. LAWS will be chronographed at 200 feet per second or lower.
  7. May not be used on foot unit’s i.e. normal players.
  8. Intentionally shooting a normal player with a law will result in a player penalty punch.
  9. Rockets have no area of effect. No blast radius.
  10. Players caught using a law without a law tag will receive a penalty punch and their law launcher will be held with the game master till the end of the event.
  11. LAWS may be used to eliminate any of the following:
    • TANKS. Read TANK Rules for more details.
    • Helicopters.
    • All players in a bunker or small structure when hit. The structure is not destroyed.
    • *If at all possible, players need to secure a ref's attention to fire a LAW. A ref is needed to call out any structure that is to be eliminated by a LAW.
  12. LAWS have no effect on these large structures. (These have thicker walls):
  13. Black Fire Base (Castle) or Team Main Bases

Airsoft TANKS

  1. Most Airsoft Tanks are privately owned and operated. The Game Master does ask Tanks to try and balance how many on each side but they have the ultamite right to choose their side. So in thearoy they could be off balance or even all could be on one side.
  2. To kill a tank you can use a nerf rocket (or 2" tennis ball) shot from an approved rocket launcher (see law rules) The Nerf rocket must be a direct hit on the tank to count i.e. no rebounding off the ground or buildings.
  3. Areas of the Tank that count for hits are, Sides and back. Front hits do not count from a LAW.
  4. The FIRST hit on the sides of the tank will disable it. (Tank must turn off the motor). This means that the tank is still in play and can continue shooting its guns and law. At the end of 3 MINUTES, if in that time it is not hit again, the tank will be allowed to start its motor and begin moving.
  5. When the tank is hit for a SECOND time within 3 minutes of the first shot, THE TANK IS DEAD! Once the tank is dead, it must raise a white flag and leave the playing field or return to spawn immediately.
  6. Direct hits to the rear of the tank will instantly destroy the tank. The tank must cease shooting immediately and raise its white flag and return to spawn.
  7. A Tank can be destroyd my Driving over a Landmine that an Engineer has deployed. Does not matter what team deployed the mine.
  8. Once a tank has been destroyed and returned to their spawn, then the three minute timer will start. At the end of that 3 minutes, the tank may then re-enter play.
  9. Tank on tank battles. Any hit anywhere on a tank from another tank's main nerf cannon counts as a hit. Must have two hits within 3 minutes (same as “side” hits with a LAW) to destroy an enemy tank, except for direct hits to the rear which are instant kills.
  10. Walking ref will blow a whistle to signal the tank is about to move.
  11. Tanks must have a team color flag with a full 360 degrees of visibility. White flag when displayed must also have a full 360 degrees of visibility.
  12. A dead tank is the same as a dead player and may not communicate. Dead players don't talk.
  13. Tanks may only reinsert at their team's main bases and at the special Tank reinsertion.
  14. Tanks are allowed to drive up to main bases and engage, but cannot shoot players inside or through the Generals Bunker.
  15. Tanks must provide their own walking ref, the walking ref must wear a bright yellow safety vest and have a whistle and stopwatch. The walking ref must also be fully aware of ALL tank rules. If a situation arises that is not covered by the written rules, they must contact the Head-Referee for a decision. THEY MAY NOT MAKE ARBITRARY DECISIONS.
  16. Tanks must use radios to communicate with their walking ref (suggest that they use a headset so they can hear their radio).
  17. Tanks can only go in reverse with the assistance of the walking ref.
  18. Tanks must stay on tank trails and open areas.
  19. Tanks can not pass a Engineer's road blockade.
  20. Tanks cannot block doorways.
  21. Tanks can not pass a Engineer Road Block Cone if proproperly placed by either teams Engineer.
  22. All players must maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet in any direction from the tank. No player is allowed to make physical contact with the tank; any violation of this will result in a player penalty punch.
  23. All tanks will have a tank player card showing Chrono and penalty's same as a player tag. The tag will be affixed to the tank in a visible location. If a tank receives 3 penalties it will be removed from the field for the remainder of the game. And the tag will be removed and turned back into the game master. All weapons or players in or on the tank will be part of this tag.
  24. If a tank is penalized, the tank players will also have their player tags punched.
  25. Tank speed is no more than 5 miles per hour.
  26. All motorized tanks must their own liability insurance.
  27. If a tank is removed from the game for any reason i.e. broken, penalty punch maxed etc. we will not ask the other side to remove their tank from the field.
  28. Make sure that you have enough gas and supplies to operate your tank. Neither Giant Airsoft Game nor Twin Cities Airsoft will supply you these supplies please be prepared. Tank owners must provide a copy of their insurance at this time(must be a photocopy for Giant Airsoft Game and Twin Cities Airsoft to add to their records). Tanks will be gone over and inspected by the game master and/or game promoter. If a tank fails inspection they will have up to 2 hours before game start to rectify any issues once inspection has been approved the tank will receive its tank punch card from the game master.
  29. Tank on Tank only: Any rocket/ball hit counts. This incloudes the front hits.
  30. Tank on Tank only: There is no minimum engagement rule.
  31. Tanks may only have one main cannon Rocket / Ball gun. 2" nerf rockets or 2" tennisballs only. Chrono is 200fps max.

Motorized Tanks

  1. Tanks that are; powered by a motor, weigh more than 99lbs or are made of metal must carry their own liability insurance.
  2. Tank owners must provide a Ref for your Tank.
  3. Tanks may have no more than one Driver and two players in it at a time.

Flintstone Tanks

  1. Flintstone Tanks can not; have a motor, weigh more than 99lbs or be made with metal or glass.
  2. These are powered only by walking. Driver's feet must be in contact with the ground while moving.
  3. Must be painted green/tan/black/camo and look the part of a Tank.
  4. They can be carried on suspenders or pushed on wheels by player(s) inside.
  5. Tank may have no more than two players in it at a time.

Gold Bars

  1. Gold bars are worth $5,000 GAG money.
  2. GOLD may be used by the teams Command to purchase Special Team Units and other Items.
  3. GAG GOLD can be acquired several ways; find it scattered around the Playing area, given to you by staff for good sportsmanship and/or completing missions.
  4. The general or the generals XO must claim all gold before it is added to the teams total. Until this has been done and confirmed by the main base ref, those bars are still in play, and can be stolen by the opposing team. Unclaimed Gold must be stored in the designated area until claimed.

Main Bases

  1. There are 2 Main Bases in the Playing Area. One Red and one Blue.
  2. Main Bases ARE NOT respawn points. There is a seperate insertion point that players must walk to to respawn. Bases are considered a live play area and may be invaded by enemy players AT ANY TIME.
  3. Each Main Base will have a flagpole. If an opposing team player can make the Flag touch the ground his team receives 10,000 points. The points are only awarded once in a 30-minute time period. The 30 minute timer starts when the flag hits the ground.
  4. If The General is in the General's Bunker when his team's Flag is made to touch the ground by an opposing player he is eliminated and the opposing team receives additional 20,000 points.
  5. Once the flag has been dropped, the base blows up with a 200ft blast radius, killing all active players within the radius. The opposing team can not re-enter that radius for 5 minutes to give the controlling team a chance to retake their base.

General's Bunker

  1. There is one General Bunker for each General in the Playing Area.
  2. General Bunkers will be well marked with signs that say "General Bunker".
  3. All airsoft guns have to be left outside of the bunker.
  4. The Generals Bunker should not be shot at for any reason whatsoever. Players inside the bunker are considered “out of play” and can not be killed through any means other than knocking over the flag.
  5. Players inside the bunker can not return fire until they exit the bunker and re-enter play.


  1. There are 6 Firebases in the Playing Area. (Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Tan, Black, and Brown).
  2. Firebases will be neutral at the start of the game and set to neutral again for the start of the second half.
  3. Each Firebase will have a matching color push pin tower with 2 colored ends, one for each team (red and Blue).
  4. Every ½ hour points will be awarded based upon who has control of each firebase push pin tower (based on which team's color can be seen on the push pin tower).
  5. Players may NOT re-insert at Firebase.
  6. A push pin must be all the way over for a side to receive points.
  7. Push pin towers shall not be tied, cut, or removed by a player.
  8. Firebase values will be 5000 points.

Unit Types

  1. Standard players: The backbone of the game marked with one arm band.
  2. General: (1 player) The rally point of each team and Leader. Marked with 2 arm bands. Can call in bonus abilities/units. 20,000 points awarded if killed by the enemy team.
  3. XO: (1 player) The general's right hand man. Can call in bonus abilities/units at command of his general.
  4. Special unit types: see below.


(1 Player) $10,000 GAG money * No more than 10 per team at a time. Medics can revive a player.

  1. A white armband will designate medics with a red cross, no less than 2 inches wide, worn on both arms, between the elbow and shoulder. Clothing may not obstruct armbands.
  2. Medics cannot heal players killed by an airstrike.
  3. A medic may treat a player anywhere on the field.
  4. The medic must be within arm's reach of the wounded player to use his ability.
  5. Players can only be healed 2 times, medics will place a strip of tape around your arm when a strip is on both arms you must go back to your teams insertion area. When back to your insertion area player should remove tape and throw it in the trash can.
  6. Dead players may be “carried” to a medic by a live player placing a hand on their shoulder and then the two of them moving together. If either player is hit by BB’s during the move, both players are eliminated.
  7. If a player moves in a way other than being “carried” by a live player or to clear a path for vehicles, they are no longer able to be medic’d back in and must return to respawn to return to play.
  8. Medics can leave a M.A.S.H. Unit and/or assist any of their teams M.A.S.H. Units.

M.A.S.H. Units

Units (3 players - all 3 are medics) - $25,000 GAG money *only 2 per team at a time. Each team recieves one M.A.S.H. Unit to start the game.
  1. This is a mobile Re-insertion point.
  2. The M.A.S.H. Unit may be set in any place in the Play Area.
  3. All 3 M.A.S.H. Unit medics are needed to set up a M.A.S.H. Unit.
  4. The method of placing the M.A.S.H. Unit up is to lay out 60 feet of rope on the ground in an approximate square, then declare it being placed to a referee. Two minutes after the ropes are laid down and declared, the M.A.S.H. Unit becomes active.
  5. One of the 3 M.A.S.H. Unit medics must stay within the square to keep it active.
  6. Players, if hit out, may choose to either go to the main insertion point or a M.A.S.H. Unit.
  7. Players re-entering play at a M.A.S.H. unit will have their arms taped as if they were medic’d. If they have been taped twice already, they must return to their main insertion point.
  8. If any player is hit out by any means while inside the M.A.S.H. unit it becomes non-active.
  9. To reactivate, any three team medic's can pull up their rope and re-declare placement.
  10. While not active, the rope is to be kept in a box clearly marked as M.A.S.H.
  11. Killing a M.A.S.H. unit Medic that is outside of the M.A.S.H. boundary does not deactivate the M.A.S.H. unit.

Apache Attack Helicopter

(1 player) 50,000 GAG money *only one per team at a time.
  1. The only way to eliminate a Helicopter is with a hit from a LAW or TANK Cannon, OR by flying too close to a SAM site.
  2. Only has a flight time of 20 minutes.
  3. Can run.
  4. Ammo is limited to what they start off with. Can change mags,cannot reload mag’s or switch guns.
  5. When they run out of time or Ammunition they are eliminated.
  6. Can not pick up items and touch flags/push pins.
  7. Can not re-insert if destroyed. One and done.
  8. Must stay within 20' of the assigned Helicopter Ref.
  9. Cannot go in any structures or through any doorways. This includes the interior of black castle.
  10. Must stay on Tank paths unless in open areas with no tree cover.

(1 player) $10,000 GAG money * 10 per team.

  1. Once an Engineer card has been purchased, it is valid for the rest of the WEEKEND, even if the player is killed or otherwise has to respawn.
  2. If an Engineer is leaving the play area, they must turn in their card to allow the general to re-assign it to an active player. Generals may re-assign purchased cards without repurchasing them.
  3. Engineers have the ability to rebuild buildings/structures which have previously been blown up.
  4. Can set up and remove Tank Mines. Each team is given two to three Tank Mines. To set one up an Engineer most first find a ref to watch placement and time. The Mine can then be placed in the midle of a Tank path and once it is in place to 30 sec. it is active. To deactivate a Engineer can just pick it up.
  5. Can set up and remove Tank Road Blockades. Each team is given two to three Road Blockages. To set one up an Engineer most first find a ref to watch placement and time. The Blockage can then be placed in the midle of a Tank path and once it is in place to 30 sec. it is active. To deactivate a Engineer can just pick it up.

Air Strike

(1 shot) $25,000 GAG money * Unlimited.
  1. This one shot may only be used to eliminate any firebase, fort or watch-tower (i.e Major, identifiable landmarks) on the playing field.
  2. Airstrikes have a 5-foot kill radius. This includes players AND tanks.
  3. Firebases and buildings destroyed by an airstrike are out of play until an engineer rebuilds them.
  4. Base ref will wrap base in yellow caution tape.
  5. Engineers have to show an engineer card to base ref to rebuild it. (see engineer rules) 6. Firebases hit by airstrikes are reset to neutral immediately. This takes precedence over check-ins (i.e. if a airstrike is called just prior to a check-in, it is considered neutral even if it hasn’t been reset at the exact check-in time)
  6. See engineer rules

Paratrooper drop

(8-10 players) $50,000 GAG money *only one at a time.
  1. Para-dropping players will be escorted to a drop location by a referee.
  2. During the escort the Para-dropping players are to keep their barrel bags in place and hold their gun over their heads to show they are not in play.
  3. When the Para-dropped players reach the drop location they are to prepare for play and have at least one foot on the drop point marker as they enter play.
  4. Referee may place drop point markers anytime.
  5. Drop point markers may be a circle on the ground.
  6. Referee will declare the dropping players in play by counting down to a verbal start command.
  7. Airdrops may be escorted either through the field OR outside the boundaries. If the airdrop goes outside of the field boundaries, all normal procedures MUST be followed (Barrel bags on, mags out, airlines disconnected)

Spy Plane

(Generals Only) Free *only two per Giant Game half per team.
  1. Take off and land at their own Main Base.
  2. Only 20-minute flight time.
  3. Must land back at your own Main Base before fight time runs out. If they do not make it back in time the General is eliminated and the other team is awarded 10,000 points.
  4. Spy Planes can go anywhere on the field at any time.
  5. Can be shot down by SAM sites if they fly within range. This results in the General being eliminated and the opposing team being awarded 10,000 points.
  6. Generals can talk to or otherwise direct players in the field. They may point out enemy positions, etc. Generals may use their own personal radios to communicate with players and their XO during the spy-plane flight time.
  7. Generals must wear Bright orange vest and cannot carry a weapon.
  8. The general is NOT allowed to take the general’s radio from the base while on a Spy Plane. That means any special purchases must be relayed through their own personal radio to their XO who can then call them in on the base radio.
  9. Generals on a Spy Plane may NOT directly designate airstrikes. They must call them by relaying to their XO the location that they wish to hit with an airstrike. The XO then must call it in to the gamemaster who will call a roaming ref to make the airstrike. It is up to the General and XO to accurately describe the location for the gamemaster. If they don’t and the gamemaster or roaming ref hits the wrong location, the will be no second chances or refunds.
  10. Players are Not allowed to shoot at Spy Planes. This is a major rule violation.

Sam Site

(one time-per half-day session) $25,000 GAG Money*
  1. Protects Main Bases from Helicopters, Spy Planes, Paratrooper drops and enemy tanks that come in range of the main base.
  2. Can only be set up to protect a Main Base.
  3. Sam site must be rebought for each individual session.
  4. Sam site eliminates the opposing team's Helicopter, Spy Plane, Paratrooper drops, enemy tanks that come within 200 feet of the main base.
  5. Can only be set up to protect a Main Base.
  6. Sam site must be rebought for the second half.
  7. Sam site can eliminate the opposing team's Helicopter, U2 Spy plane, Paratrooper drops, and Terminators that come in sight of the main base.

Door Prizes

At the end of day Saturday there will be a door prize drawing. Players will need to show their wristband to receive a ticket. One ticket per person. Must be present at the time of drawing to receive a prize. Each number will be called three times. If no one comes forward before the third time the door prize will go to a new number.

Penalty Punches

The Giant Airsoft Game has a refined core set of rules pertaining to sportsmanship and safety that Giant Airsoft Game will follow rigorously. All players are required to know the Giant Airsoft Games Rule set concerning safety, calling hits, sportsmanship, and Blind Man rules. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and Giant Airsoft Game facilitators reserve the right to eject any player they see fit. Absolutely no refunds will be given. Airsoft doesn’t work without integrity: Be respectful of others, be honorable and call your hits, and if you see something, say something.
  1. Penalty punches may be given to a Giant Airsoft Game player for violations of any Rule.
  2. Points may be removed from a team. This will be subjective, based upon the effect the violation had on the game at the Game Master's discretion.
  3. Examples of reason for penalty points but not limited to:
    1. Reinserting at locations other than your team's re-insertion areas or M.A.S.H unit.
    2. Re-inserting as a Special Team Unit.
    3. Exploiting the gray areas, or loopholes in the rules.
    4. Removing mission items.
    5. Playing on, (Playing with hits).
    6. Eliminated player talking to live players while in the Play Area.
    7. Intentionally shooting at a Spy Plane, animal or non-player.
    8. Using a law when not having a proper law card.
    9. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
    10. Shooting over the legal chrono limit both Airsoft guns and law rockets players will be given 3 shoots and the average will be taken
    11. Shooting over 30 bbs per second (bps).
    12. Tanks operating unsafely, speeding.
    13. Not listening to or arguing with game refs, game master or promoter.
    14. Radio jamming. Automatic ejection from game and removal from property.
    15. Players having tools to change velocity on the playing field.
    16. Discharging your airsoft guns in any area that is not the chrono range or playing field.
    17. Intentionally shooting signs on the playing field.
    18. Cheating in any way includes lying about what team you're on or pretending to be dead.
    19. Hiding your team color armband in any unnatural way.

    Twin Cities Airsoft and Giant Airsoft Game reserves the right to eject and remove anyone from the game and property without refund for any reason. Twin Cities Airsoft, Game Promoter and Game master reserve the right to change rules, move players and do other things to ensure a safe fun game for everyone without notice.